Elden Ring modder showcases how it looks when two bosses fight

Check out two of Elden Ring's most powerful bosses going head to head.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring players are having a hard time with some of the game’s bosses but, as one modder has discovered, even other bosses can struggle to fight each other.

YouTube Garden of Eyes posted his first clip in the Elden Ring Boss vs Boss mod showcase series today. The first episode sees two of the game’s most difficult challenges, Malenia, Blade of Miquella and Starscourge Radahn, do battle.

Both of these bosses are optional fights that players can challenge during their time in the Lands Between. They’re also known for being two of the most difficult.

With very different skillsets and fighting styles, picking a winner on paper might be difficult and even in execution, there are still arguments for both.

Garden of Eyes shared three fight simulations between the two bosses with Malenia taking the first, Radahn, the second, and Malenia closing out the third with a win.

Given her rot damage, high-speed combinations, and ability to lifesteal on hit, Malenia was able to tank a lot of the damage Radahn dealt, while using her own to heal back health and scrape out a win.

In the second fight, Malenia’s problems with staggering saw her lose the fight after Radahn entered his second phase. At this point, it was all downhill for Malenia as she lost her lead and the fight.

The third fight looked more like the first as Malenia’s life steal kept her at reasonable health while Rot damage sapped away at Radahn until the end.

It isn’t clear which bosses the YouTuber will face off next but there are plenty of interesting fights to be had, so make sure to check out the channel here.