Elden Ring mod gives players a chance to relax via pause feature

One fan took it upon themselves to add a pause button to the latest FromSoftware title.

Image via FromSoftware

Everyone knows FromSoftware titles are made to be incredibly challenging and one of the ways Elden Ring accomplishes this is with its lack of any meaningful pause feature. Players won’t get any breaks during combat, and the only time to really relax is when you’re outside the vision of nearby enemies.

Players on PC are in luck though! One Elden Ring modder has recently taken it upon themselves to add a much-needed pausing functionality to the game.

Posted to Nexusmods, “Pause The Game” accomplishes exactly what you’d expect. Getting it isn’t action might take a little work but, once it’s going, you will be able to pause your game at any point be it in battle or falling through the air.

To install the mod you’ll have to disable Elden Ring’s anti-cheat. With this being the case, you won’t be able to play online as you usually would but, for those who are planning to go at it alone, this may be a helpful tool to assist with your journey.

Like always, when installing mods it pays to create a backup copy of your game to ensure any damaged files don’t ruin your progress. Also, since this is not an officially supported mod there can be complications. Proceed at your own risk. While PC players have been getting some issues with Elden Ring since launch, the ability to make mods means there’s plenty of upside to owning the game on the platform.

You can check out this and other Elden Ring mods on Nexumods here.