Early indications suggest trophies could be available for classic games on PlayStation Plus

Fans have a lot of hope after a report of a game getting Trophies.

Image via Sony

Syphon Filter may include trophies when the game becomes available on the new PlayStation Plus service, according to some early reports. This has led many to believe that trophies may be available for more of the classic games on the list as well.

There were no indications prior to Syphon Filter that games were going to have trophy support. But now that players have seen that at least one of the games will have them, it has opened the floodgates of hope for trophy hunters on PlayStation. Syphon Filter is a first-generation PlayStation game that was released in 1999, which gives players hope that the majority or all of the original PlayStation games included in the service will have trophies.

This move could have been predicted quite early on since Sony Interactive Entertainment applied for a patent regarding the “method and apparatus for awarding trophies” for emulated games. Before people found the patent registration, there was some question as to how developers would apply trophies to the emulated games that were being put on the service. The patent was applied for in 2020 and was publicized in early 2021, and denotes an easy to understand map of how the devs will apply the trophies for emulated games.

All of this points to the likelihood that many of the games, even the emulated ones, that are being added to the new PlayStation Plus in June will have trophies awarded for certain achievements in the game. This is great news for trophy hunters, gamers who try to unlock 100 percent of the trophies awarded in a given game.

Syphon Filter is the only solid indication that trophies will have a place in the classic games section of the new PlayStation Plus, but there could be many more when the service goes live next month.