EA reveals first look at Star Wars: Squadrons

Get ready to fly like an Ace.

Star Wars Squadrons
Image via EA Games

EA games gave fans a first look of what Star Wars: Squadrons will look like when it releases this October.

Taking starfighter battles in Star Wars to a whole new level beyond Battlefront II, Star Wars: Squadrons has both a single-player story mode and multiplayer modes. The story takes place after Return of the Jedi, in which a player will create one of two pilots that are Imperial or Rebel.

Image via EA Games

Upon completing the single-player mode, players can advance to compete in two multiplayer modes: Dogfight and Fleet Battles. Flying in a squadron of five, players complete objectives in Fleet Battles and seek to dominate over other squadrons in Dogfight. Gameplay is viewed through the cockpit, keeping the feeling of flying real, and the skill level up.

Image via EA Games

The Dogfight mode looks similar to Battlefront II. A downside to that, however, is that most players ending up flying in circles to defeat one another rather than working together as a team. Since players are in a squadron of five, it’ll hopefully improve upon gameplay.

Image via EA Games

In Fleet Battles, players get to choose how they wish to complete objectives with their squadron. And there are three aspects to the mode: Dogfight, attack or defend Captial ships, and take down a Flagship.

Image via EA Games

Skill level plays a major role in Star Wars: Squadrons, allowing players to shift shields from rear to front or pull off fancy Ace moves. Over 50 components can be added to four classes of either Rebel or Imperial ships, increasing skill level and challenges.

  • Fighters
  • Interceptors
  • Support
  • Bombers
Image via EA Games

Players can also customize their ships, on the outside and inside with skins and personalizations.

Set to release on Oct. 2, Star Wars: Squadrons is available for pre-order now, offering players a number of ship and pilot skins for free. The EA game will also be available cross-platform, allowing PC, console, and VR players to compete with and against each other.