Dragon Age: Dreadwolf support studio employees unanimously vote to unionize

Keywords Studios has accepted all the votes of its 16 Edmonton staff to unionize.

Image via Electronic Arts

The team of quality assurance (QA) testers working for the next Dragon Age game, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, voted to unionize after a unanimous vote from all QA testers joining the project.

As seen on the official website of Keywords Studios, BioWare’s support studio for Dreadwolf where all the QA testers came from, the studio honored all the votes from its staff.

“Keywords Studios accept the vote of the 16 Edmonton staff who have chosen to unionize,” the post reads. “We value our people and will continue to constantly strive to be a good employer. “

This unionization comes after the Keywords staff were told by BioWare to resume in-person office operations. The directive was not followed, though, as Keywords reacted negatively to the idea and was subsequently told that the employees could work from home until further notice. At the time of the directive, the Canadian province of Alberta in which Keywords’ studio is located was experiencing hundreds of daily COVID-19 cases.

Just last week, BioWare revealed the official title of the long-awaited Dragon Age 4 game to be Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. BioWare nor Electronic Arts did not provide a release date for the game, although you can visit the game’s official announcement to know more, including a short description about the Dread Wolf known as Solas.