Does Lethal Company have controller support?

If I use my mouse, you can see me shaking.

Lethal Company Outside with a flashlight
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Lethal Company will make you throw your mouse and keyboard through jumpscares alone, so does it have controller support? Just in case.

Games have needed controller support for quite some time. Those with tiny micro-adjustments required to get the full experience will make using a controller a nightmare.

But for games, like Lethal Company, hitting pinpoint precise headshots isn’t a necessity. This means those looking to don a controller in Lethal Company are in luck. After you’ve picked up the pieces of your mouse and keyboard, maybe go ahead and try this.

Does Lethal Company have controller support?

Lethal Company Settings page
No controller settings to be found. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Yes, Lethal Company does have controller support. Lethal Company allows partial controller support, according to its Steam page.

But what does Partial Controller Support mean? Partial controller support means you’ll have to use a mouse and keyboard from time to time. But, ultimately you’ll be able to use a controller for the majority of your Lethal Company endeavors.

In this case, there is no special controller treatment. This means you won’t have to wait for your wireless mouse and keyboard to charge.

What controllers can I use for Lethal Company?

Inside the pre-game room in Lethal Company with all your gear
Look to the top right to see controls. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Partial Controller Support spells good news for controller-wielding gamers. Lethal Company allows most forms of controllers to experience the horror it provides. You’ll be able to don the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers to play Lethal Company. Each controller will have separate controls, meaning you’ll have to figure out what button opens doors and turns on equipment.

You won’t be able to use controllers from generations decades ago, so find something more recent to play with a controller in Lethal Company. However, you can still test controllers from closer generations as I don’t own every single one.

Now you can go forth and toss your mouse and keyboard out the window. The controller master race has won this battle, and soon, we’ll be taking over every other title on Steam.


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