Does Lethal Company have an ending? – Answered

Is there life after the Company?

Game-ending screen in Lethal Company.
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Lethal Company is the latest craze among horror enthusiasts and has managed to attract more than 100,000 concurrent players. Everyone and their grandma are seemingly playing the game, but people are legitimately wondering if it even has an ending.

The game is built on the concept of exploring strange moons, gathering valuable loot, and offloading everything to the mysterious “Company.” This horror-roguelike contains many worlds, all with their strange and horrifying creatures, but let’s explore that question of whether Lethal Company has an ending or not.

Is there an ending in Lethal Company?

Two characters in Lethal Company accessing the Terminal.
Lethal Company can go on forever. Image via Zeekerss

No, there is not an ending in Lethal Company. According to the developer Zeekerss, the game is being developed to have enough content, map, and creature variety to be “infinitely replayable.”

Lethal Company is somewhat rogue-like, with each run being different than the other, both in terms of how high your profit quota may be, or what creatures you will encounter and where. It also features semi-procedural generation, meaning interiors of buildings will be different between each visit.

Lethal Company is a continuous experience meant to be played in a loop, where you go select a moon, explore and loot, and make bucketloads of money. It only ends when your character dies, and you’re reset to that original starting point on Day One.

It fits with the mood of the game, where any given character is just an employee of the “Company,” and their lives and stories don’t really matter so long as the profits are met. The story is very vague, but there are many logs to collect around the maps to get some extra insight into the game’s Lovecraftian lore and mythology.

Will Lethal Company get an ending?

Right now, Lethal Company is in early access, with the developer claiming it plans to finish the game over the next six months. According to the devs, player feedback is essential and may lead to changes in the game’s gameplay loop. We might get an ending or a more story-focused game mode or content based on what the developer decides to add to the game over the next half a year.

Though Lethal Company currently contains a whole lot more content than the usual early access title, its content library is quickly explored and done to death, especially the interiors, which can get repetitive after a while. The exteriors across all maps also appear to be the same every time you visit, with only the facilities and buildings themselves changed from run to run. Doing too well in the game will lead you to explore just about everything there is to Lethal Company in a single run, and you may get bored quickly.

That’s precisely why we’re highly looking forward to what the developer has in store for us, and don’t forget to provide them with much-needed feedback and ideas that may significantly improve the game.


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