Does Elden Ring have multiplayer and online play?

Beware of invaders.

Image via FromSoftware

FromSoftware is known for making ARPG games that have a distinctly unique form of multiplayer, with a history of PvP features like invading in Dark Souls, and the developer’s latest title, Elden Ring, continues that trend.

Multiplayer and online features in Elden Ring include co-op and PvP that can range from one to four players, and you can go through multiplayer options through the “Multiplayer” tab in the game’s menu.

By playing Elden Ring online, you will be vulnerable to PvP Invasions. This is the primary form of PvP that exists in Dark Souls-type games. When an Invasion begins, a player will be dropped into your world with the goal of seeking you out and killing you while you are attempting to clear through the game’s PvE content. 

Invasions are especially tricky for a player being invaded because they have to not only attempt to fight another player, but depending on when it happens, they could be in the middle of a fight with NPCs.

Meanwhile, co-operative multiplayer can be achieved with certain in-game items that allow players to summon one another to their respective worlds. This will let the two players work together to progress through the game.