Discord tests monetized audio events, introduces ‘Discovery’ feature

That's the ticket.

Image via Discord

Discord introduced a new medium for audio events called “Stage Channels” earlier this year. And soon, people will be able to monetize those events by selling tickets to them.

There isn’t much of a limit to what these Stage Channels can be. From meet-and-greets to classes and more, these audio events are limited only by your imagination. 

Selling tickets for these events is still being tested in a private beta. But for now, Discord is preparing for the new feature with a way to find new communities and events through “Stage Discovery.”

Image via Discord

With Stage Discovery, users can sift through public audio events and find ones that interest them. This is a way to help Discord communities grow their server by having events that can be discovered by anyone using the new feature.

Discord does not yet have a timeline for when ticketed events will be available on the platform. Stage Discovery will go live in June, however.

This news comes on Discord’s birthday and less than a month after the company reportedly stopped talks to sell itself to Microsoft. The lack of a deal with Microsoft led to some speculation that the community organization platform could be positioning itself for an IPO.

Discord said it’s doubled its user base this year and has more than 150 million monthly users. Last year, the platform’s users spent 1.4 trillion minutes in voice channels.