Diablo Immortal introduces new way to earn free Eternal Legendary Crests in latest patch

Pay-to-win, where?

Image via Blizzard

Diablo Immortal has been heavily criticized since its inception for its implementation of microtransactions in the game, making the entire gaming experience a classic “pay-to-win” one, to the utter dismay of fans.

Any effort to reduce this money-hungry progression system is appreciated, and it looks like Blizzard has done just that through its latest patch with the changes made to obtaining Eternal Legendary Crests.

The welcomed change in Diablo Immortal’s latest patch notes elaborates on how players can earn Eternal Legendary Crests without spending real money in the game, specifying that there are two different ways to earn them.

The first method is through completing a weekly Warband Raid, which will allow players to buy one for 1,600 platinum through the crest merchant in Westmarch. The second method would be to craft them for 22 Fa runes per Crest, which is the same cost as rolling for a random Legendary Gem—except you are free to trade them after obtaining them.

Eternal Legendary Crests are one of the upgrade keys that you need to enter the Elder Rift to farm Legendary Gems. Using an Eternal Legendary Crest in the Elder Rift is the only way you can obtain a Legendary Gem that you can sell on the Market. 

Unlike the other kind of crest—Rare Crests—Eternal Legendary Crests were not free in the past and could only be obtained by spending Eternal Orbs. The price for one Eternal Legendary Crest is 160 Eternal Orbs, and 60 Eternal Orbs cost around one dollar, which meant that you needed to spend around three dollars to buy 180 Eternal Orbs that would net you a single Eternal Legendary Crest.