CoD Champs Team Spotlight: Team Infused

An in-depth look at Team Infused as they prepare for their trip to the Call of Duty World Championship.

Team Infused

After defeating Millennium at the EU Regional Finals to qualify for CoD Champs, one of Team Infused players was banned from the event for breaking the player’s code of conduct. This has caused several roster issues with the team as they were limited in their search for a fourth.

They decided to bring on Op2, their coach at the EU Finals, to take Reedy’s place on the CoD Champs roster. With that being said, once champs is over, Team Infused will consist of MarkyB, Reedy, Dominate, and JakeD. This spotlight article is on the players attending CoD Champs.

Jon ‘MeLoN’ Ogborne

Shea ‘QwiKeR’ Sweeney

Joel ‘Op2’ Magee

  • Age: 22
  • Location: London, England
  • Twitter: @optimyzd

Unfortunately their 4th, James “Dominate” Batz, declined to comment.

Most Notable Placements:

  • MeLoN: GB rank of 6th during Call of Duty 4, EGL13 5th-8th
  • QwiKeR: T16 MLG Anaheim, Beating Millenium to qualify for Champs
  • Op2: RGT4 T8, RGT5 T8


  • Melon started playing Call of Duty during CoD4 where he was instantly introduced to competitive and achieved the high GB rank mentioned above. He was only 13 at the time.
  • QwiKeR has been playing Call of Duty for the past 6 years or so, finally owning World at War at the age of 13 after regularly borrowing his brothers’ CoD4 copies. He started competing on Black Ops 2 when he was 17 years old.
  • Op2’s first online game was Call of Duty 4 which he instantly fell in love with and also became his first competitive title. Since then, he’s competed on and off but has competed on every Call of Duty title except for Black Ops 2 and Ghosts.

What’s your favourite Call of Duty title?

MeLoN: “Call of Duty 4 is hands down my favourite, mainly due to how simple it was and most, if not all, of the maps were fantastic.”

QwiKeR: “Black Ops 2 by far, I felt like that was the game where I really excelled. Attributes such as my gunskill and awareness were really on point during BO2.”

Op2: “Call of Duty 4 will always be my favourite title, I spent far too many hours than I should’ve playing it and I still like to hop back on from time to time.”

What’s your favourite memory from competing at Call of Duty?

MeLoN: “Nothing can compare to qualifying for the finals in LA this year. Especially in the final Search and Destroy round versus Millenium, I got 3 of the 4 kills needed.”

QwiKeR: “Definitely beating Millenium at Regionals, mainly due to all the hype surrounding the matchup.”

Op2: “My favourite moment was attending my first event after 2 years of not competing.”

How have you seen the scene develop since you started competing?

MeLoN: “Financially the scene has had so much money pumped into it compared to how it used to be when I started on CoD4. There’s a lot more events, having the developers themselves support a tournament for teams across the globe with a million dollar prize pool nobody could have predicted. Also online, there’s a lot more potential to win money from sitting in your own bedroom.”

QwiKeR: “The viewership and money in the scene has increased dramatically. It’s a great feeling for me, when I started I never saw myself competing at an event as big as Champs. Seeing the Pro League in action in North America is incredible to me. In Europe we’ve currently got Gfinity taking huge strides to provide a great platform for European eSports, which is evident due to their recent announcement of the Gfinity Arena. I never imagined it’d become this big when I started competing just under 2 years ago.”

Op2: “When I first started playing competitively, GameBattles was really the only place to compete and there was no prize other than the feeling of winning and pride. Now, I’m going to a tournament on the other side of the world for a chance at $400,000 for my team!”

Any fun facts about yourself?

MeLoN: “Nope!”

QwiKeR: “I used to be a Lightning Panda! I also have over 38000 YouTube subscribers. My online alias ‘QwiKeRTHaNu’ originates from the fact I ran 100m in 12.6 seconds as a 15 year old. I also played U16 football for Stenhousemuir FC.”

Op2: “Even though I’ve been around the scene for about 7 years, I’ve never actually attended an event with a practiced team. Being unloyal is the worst way to go so don’t jump from team to team!”


You can catch Team Infused in action at the Call of Duty Championship in LA on the 27th-28th of March.