You can celebrate New Year’s Eve by earning twice as many post-game rewards all weekend in Smite

Incase you need a reason to stay home this weekend.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Many gamers probably wouldn’t mind spending their New Year’s Eve at home chilling virtually with the squad as opposed to paying for overpriced drinks at a public joint full of strangers. Smite is providing you with the perfect excuse to stay home and relax this weekend.

All weekend long, Smite players can earn double the amount of post-game rewards.

As part of Smite’s Yulefest event, players will be able to earn twice as many post-game rewards from Dec. 31 to Jan. 3. That means after each match, you’ll get double the number of Worshippers, Favor, and everything else earned at the end of a game. Favor is used primarily to buy Gods and recolor skins while Worshippers go toward your rank with a God.

Ranking up a God unlocks certain recolor skins for them that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Your God rank is also reflected on the pre-game screen. That means the higher your rank is with a certain God, the more fear you’ll strike into the hearts of your opponents.

The Yulefest event started earlier this month and has given players a plethora of reasons to log in to Smite. In addition to the bonus reward events that come with Yulefest, Smite is having a huge Gem sale. All the way until Jan. 9, players can save up to 33 percent on select Gem bundles. If you’ve been eyeballing a pricey skin, now is a good time to pull the trigger.

You’ll be able to take advantage of the double reward event starting tomorrow, Dec. 31. Enjoy the event all weekend long as you bring in the new year. The double rewards will end after Monday, Jan. 3.

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