Can you play ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam Deck?

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The Steam catalog is a massive expanse of endless possibilities, much like ARK: Survival Evolved. There are few games that offer such variety when it comes to creativity, and we can’t forget about the dinosaurs. For being such an expansive experience, it may seem difficult to shrink it down to a handheld size.

Fortunately for ARK: Survival Evolved fans, the survival game will be playable on the Steam Deck at launch. ARK is one of about 400 titles that has been blessed with the Deck Verified title ahead of the handheld’s release. Being Deck Verified indicates that it has passed all necessary compatibility tests. In passing all of these tests, Steam has marked ARK: Survival Evolved as a great experience on the Steam Deck.

ARK: Survival Evolved’s Steam Deck verification may be a sign of things to come. The dinosaur-filled survival game uses BattlEye, the same anti-cheat as games like Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, and more. While Rainbow Six Siege was marked as Unsupported on the Steam Deck Verified game list on Feb. 15 because of its anti-cheat system, there’s plenty of hope for games using BattlEye now that Proton fully supports it.

Valve also announced wide support for Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye in November and will likely make its way back through those titles once the Steam Deck has officially launched on Feb. 25 and shipped on Feb. 28.


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