Booking the best matches in WWE 2K22 MyGM mode

Follow the curve.

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So you’ve drafted your all-star roster of WWE superstars, and now it’s time to book your first show. This is where MyGM mode in WWE 2K22 is truly won and lost, as you pit your superstars against each other in a show that you control from top to bottom.

The key to success is the actual matches in your show. Here are the basics of booking the best matches you can in WWE 2K22 MyGM mode.

Match superstar types and roles

Ideally, during your draft, you selected a variety of superstars with different roles and types. Roles are simply good guy and bad guy, and naturally, the best matches pit a good guy against a bad guy. Superstar type determines what kind of wrestler they are, and who they match up best against. Bruisers match best against Fighters, Giants vs. Cruisers, and Specialists vs. anyone.

Because a superstar’s stamina and to prevent matches from getting stale, you won’t be able to get perfect matches every match of every week. Therefore, make sure you can prioritize these matchups at the all-important PPVs.

Tips for booking an entire show

Overall, you want to go with one tag match during the three possible matches. Booking all singles matches is boring to the crowd, and booking all tag matches will deplete your roster too quickly.

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The rule of thumb for booking, inspired by real-life wrestling booking practices, is to have your best matches at the start and the beginning, with the match you expect to be the least popular in the middle. To accomplish this, you should never book these in any middle match:

  • Your most popular superstar
  • Title matches
  • Gimmick matches (hardcore, TLC, tables, etc.)
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In general, your absolute best match should be saved for the main event. You should also check the Commissioner Goal before booking so that you don’t miss out on a necessary Power Card you can use later. You should also check to see if you have any messages from superstars if you don’t want their Morale to drop so low that they consider leaving.