Best Staves in Elden Ring and where to find them

Looking for the best staves in Elden Ring? We've got you covered!

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As the Tarnished of the Lands Between traverse treacherous dungeons, overcome larger-than-life bosses, and create new and engaging builds to conquer the Elden Throne, many wonder what the best weapons are for the vast varieties of different builds — particularly Intelligence and sorcery based-builds. 

Those that choose to delve into the mysteries and brilliance of the schools of sorcery will quickly realize FromSoftware made sure there were a lot of options for players to choose from. Elden Ring comes with an incredible library of different spells and spell types which can pose a challenge for players looking to settle into a particular style.

The best sorceries in Elden Ring deserve their own spotlight and will not be discussed here. Instead, this is a list and guide for those wondering what the best staves are and where to find them. Staves in Elden Ring heavily influence the damage output for specific schools of sorcery. Players would greatly benefit from finding any staff mentioned on this list and would be even more versatile to find multiple.

Best Staves in Elden Ring

Here are the best staves in Elden Ring. This list will rate staves based on their sorcery scaling at maximum reinforcement and level 80 Intelligence — the hard level cap. Attributes and effects will be included and taken into account if staves are close together.

5) Meteorite Staff (Non-upgradable)

While this Glintstone staff can be obtained very early on, that’s not to say it is weak by any stretch of the imagination. This staff is found in the Swamp of Aeonia, by the Street of Sages Ruins, and is guarded by a few scarlet rot pods. It’s disappointing this staff cannot be upgraded, but its strong sorcery scaling and S-tier base Intelligence scaling make it a fantastic option for early sorcerers in the Limgrave and Caelid areas. 

The staff provides an additional 30-percent boost to gravity sorceries, which can come in handy once players can get their hands on them. However, by the time young Tarnished come across these types of spells, they’ll likely need a more competitive damage output.


  • Sorcery Scaling: 272
  • Requires 18 Intelligence
  • Attribute Scaling: INT – S
  • +30-Percent damage boost to gravity sorceries
  • Found early
  • Cannot be upgraded

4) Azur’s Glintstone Staff +10

This Glintstone staff rolls in at number four on this list due to the impressive jump in sorcery scaling compared to the Meteorite Staff. At a +10 reinforcement and level 80 Intelligence, players will benefit from this staff’s 362 sorcery scaling and eventually its S-tier Intelligence scaling. In addition to its wild damage output, players will cast spells 8-percent faster at the cost of increased FP consumption. 

This increase in FP consumption may not be worth it for those lacking high Mind levels, but any decrease in spell casting times is a welcomed upgrade.

Players looking to get their Tarnished hands on this staff can find it in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Starting from the Church of Cuckoo’s Site of Grace, players can climb up the ladder and head to the east to eventually find the weapon on the ground in front of a dormant Arcane Sphere of Faces.


  • Sorcery Scaling: 362
  • Requires 52 Intelligence
  • Attribute Scaling: INT – S
  • 8-percent reduction in spell casting time

3) Carian Regal Scepter +10

The Carian Regal Scepter is a Glintstone staff obtained by trading in the Remembrance of Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, at the Roundtable Hold. This boss weapon is incredibly powerful and boasts a 373 sorcery scaling stat at level 80 Intelligence. Its S-tier scaling in Intelligence, accompanied by a damage boost to full moon sorceries, makes it a formidable weapon to any boss or foe in Elden Ring.


  • Sorcery Scaling: 373
  • Requires 60 Intelligence
  • Attribute Scaling: INT – S
  • Boosts full moon sorceries

2) Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

It is not surprising to find this powerful Glintstone staff near the tip-top of the list. Lusat’s staff is an extremely potent weapon that is fairly accessible early on. However, due to its 52-Intelligence requirement, players will not be able to utilize this staff’s power till later. With a sorcery scaling of 413, this staff truly packs a punch and can tackle the greatest of foes. In addition to its already high damage output, the staff has an 8-percent damage increase at the cost of 50-percent increased FP consumption as a secondary effect. 

For those looking for pure damage output, they cannot go wrong here. In combination with the right tears in the Flask of Physick, players can eliminate FP consumption entirely for 10 seconds and maximize magic damage output. Players can find this staff in Sellia, Town of Sorcery. It is in a chest that can be looted after defeating the Nox Swordstress and Nox Priest duo boss.


  • Sorcery Scaling: 413
  • Requires 52 Intelligence
  • Attribute Scaling: INT – S
  • 8-percent damage boost at the cost of 50-percent increased FP consumption

1) Prince of Death’s Staff +25

This staff is hands down the most powerful staff in the game. There is, however, one caveat: It scales to the player’s Faith as well as Intelligence. Those that wish to be in the level 150 PvP meta may find it difficult to invest in both of these attributes, but it is well worth it for those in the PvE long-haul. As long as the player’s Faith and Intelligence are within five levels of one another, this will be the strongest staff option. It boasts the highest sorcery scaling in the game at 430, and has an A-Tier attribute scaling in both Faith and Intelligence at +25. This staff’s secondary effect boosts the potency of Death Sorceries. Players can find this staff on a corpse in the Deeproot Depths, a break-off from the Sofria Aqueduct, conveniently close to the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace.


  • Sorcery Scaling: 430
  • Requires 18 Intelligence and 18 Faith
  • Attribute Scaling: FAI – A; INT – A
  • Boosts the potency of Death Sorceries

All of these staves benefit the player at many stages of the game, and are highly versatile. FromSoftware did an amazing job by providing Elden Ring players many different types of sorceries that open the potential for a variety of different builds.