Battlefield 2042 teaser reveals new Specialists, some gameplay

Get to know these soldiers.

Image via EA

EA has revealed a short gameplay teaser for Battlefield 2042, revealing information on some of the game’s Specialists, with “more to come” promised.

Kimble “Irish” Graves is now confirmed to be joined by Webster Mackay, Maria Falck, Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky, and Wikus “Casper” Van Daele as Specialists in the game. Each of them have their own unique set of abilities and equipment.

Mackay, for example, has a grappling hook and an ability called Nimble, which “allows the player to move more quickly while aiming down sights, further enhancing their speed-related advantages,” according to the Battlefield website.

Falck is a medic and has a special syringe pistol that can heal enemies at range, Boris can deploy a sentry system that automatically shoots at enemies, and Casper has a OV-P recon drone that can fly around, spot enemies, and use an EMP blast.

Irish, meanwhile, is a returning character from Battlefield 4 and a flagship one for the new title. He’s able to deploy cover to protect from bullets and explosives, and he also has an ability to provide armor to allies.

Battlefield 2042’s beta is due sometime this month, but the full game will release on Oct. 22.