Battlefield 2042 officially revealed

The next Battlefield is here.

Screengrab via Origin

Electronic Arts and DICE have officially revealed Battlefield 2042, the latest installment in the iconic multiplayer shooter series that is Battlefield. The first official footage was shown off in a trailer today that premiered on the official Battlefield YouTube channel.

Battlefield 2042 will see a return to the near-future setting for the first time since Battlefield 4 released in 2013. Since then, the series revisited World War I in Battlefield 1, and then World War II in Battlefield V. The reveal showed off a mix of ground and air vehicles, which has been a staple of Battlefield gameplay for over a decade, as well as destructible environments.

The game has been unofficially referred to as Battlefield 6 for some time now, but the title of Battlefield 2042 has now been officially announced. This is a reference to Battlefield 2142, DICE’s 2006 game that saw Battlefield take place in a futuristic war setting, set during the “22nd century Cold War” as factions fight for the remaining viable land amid a new ice age. Battlefield 2042 will evidently serve as a prequel or precursor to the events of 2142.

Battlefield 2042 will include seven maps for up to 28 players, according to leaks that appeared just hours before the announcement. Instead of classes like Assault and Support seen in previous games, players will operate a Specialist with a unique specialty and trait along with a customizable loadout.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on Oct. 22 for current and next-gen consoles, as well as for PC. There will be a gameplay reveal on June 13.