Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp receives clothes crafting

Time to stock up on bells.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Good news for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s fashionistas out there. There’s no need to wait for new clothes to pop up at the market place anymore just to customize your character. Pocket Camp just received craftable clothing, allowing users to create new shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, hats, and accessories through crafting raw resources.

Pocket Camp originally forced players to visit the Able Sisters over at the market place in order to buy new clothing from a cycling selection. But with the latest update, players can go ahead and craft new clothes without regularly checking the market for restocks every few hours. That means there’s a much wider catalog available to browse through at any time, giving players more choices and freedom for their characters’ looks.

Here’s how it works. Players can navigate over to the Craft menu and select the clothing window, right next to the furniture catalog. From there, players can then choose any available article of clothing and order it from Mabel. Once it’s done, players can then wear their new fashion purchase around like any other piece bought from the Able Sisters.

Screengrab via Nintendo

There’s a few things to keep in mind, though. For one, clothes crafting takes time. Items range from one hour to eight, with most generally finished in three to five hours. And as with most crafting options, you’ll need both the bells and the raw resources to create the item. For instance, the Fluffy Dress requires 30 paper, 30 cotton, and one cute essence, along with 2,040 bells. Leaf tickets can also be used to speed up the process, which is particularly useful for the clothing options that have lengthier build times.

Lastly, while craftable clothing is now an option for players, not every article of clothing is available through the Craft menu. That means it’s still a good idea to check in with Mabel over at the market place to see if a special shirt or dress is on sale. But Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s craftable clothing options certainly open up some new customization decisions for fans eager to experiment with the game’s crafting system. So head on over in-game and check it out for yourself.

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