All playable characters in Resident Evil Village Mercenaries mode

Mercenaries Mode makes its return.

Mercenaries Mode
Image via Capcom

Resident Evil Village was released in 2021 to great fanfare. The story was just as dark and gripping as older Resident Evil players grew up on. The game got so popular that DLC is arriving soon as we speak. There were also a host of features, new and old, added to the game. One of the older features of the series was brought back to this game: the Mercenaries Mode.

Mercenaries is a recurring game mode available through the Resident Evil series. After a hiatus, it finally makes its return to Resident Evil Village. In this mode, players must complete a total of eight Mercenary levels to win. These stages are as follows:

  • Stage one: The Village
  • Stage two: The Castle
  • Stage three: The Factory
  • Stage four: The Mad Village
  • Stage five: The Village two
  • Stage six: The Castle two
  • Stage seven: The Factory two
  • Stage eight: The Mad Village two

Each stage of the four stages has two different variations, making for a total of eight stages. If players manage to get an S Rank in all of the stages, they will acquire the Legendary Cowboy trophy/achievement. Finishing each stage with a minimum of SS-rank will unlock the LZ-Answerer available for purchase in the Bonus Content Shop.

How to unlock

To unlock Mercenaries Mode, players must first beat the story. After this, players will gain access to the Extra Content Shop. From there, the Mercenaries Mode can be unlocked. Upon doing this, simply start Mercenaries Mode by going to the main menu, then clicking on Bonuses and selecting “The Mercenaries.”

Starting off, The Village will be the only stage available. To unlock the remaining seven stages, players need to get an A-rank at least on each subsequent stage. This only applies for the first four stages of the game since the remaining four stages can be unlocked by getting a minimum of B-rank on completion as well. 

This mode might get a little confusing at times, which is why players can check the exact score requirement for every rank in each stage on the paper document that lies in the starting room where the Duke is.

All playable characters

Image via Capcom

Initially, only the protagonist Ethan Winters was a playable character in Resident Evil Village’s Mercenaries Mode. But with the announcement of the Winter’s Expansion and Gold Edition at Capcom’s Summer Showcase, there were some new changes announced in the new “The Mercenaries: Additional Orders” update.

With the expansion comes three new playable characters, joining Ethan Winters for a total of four playable characters. The characters are:

  • Ethan Winters: The protagonist of the game and also the only playable character in the Mercenaries until now.
  • Lady Dimitrescu: Everybody’s favorite nine-foot-tall vampire aristocrat joins the cast of the Mercenaries, providing players with a new outlook on life.
  • Karl Heisenberg: A fellow mutant and boss, who is also an engineer, is now playable as well. He brings his trusty hammer to the Mercenaries.
  • Chris Redfield: The original protagonist makes his return to the series, minus Jill Valentine, as a playable character in the Mercenaries.

The addition of these characters is sure to spark interest in the Mercenaries again. In addition to this, there are also new stages planned for the mode along with a third-person perspective being added. As exciting as this sounds, there are even more additions planned in the new Shadows of Rose expansion and we will keep you updated with any changes as they come.