Here are all the playable characters in Rogue Company

Each rogue brings their own special traits and abilities to the battlefield.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

In Rogue Company, Hi-Rez Studios’ explosive third-person shooter, players make up powerful teams made up of unique agents as they go head-to-head in hard-hitting gunfights on beautifully-crafted battlegrounds with a deadly assortment of weapons.

There’s an agent for every type of playstyle, whether you like to dive in and blast your way through the enemy forces, sneak around with stealth and gadgets, or find a long-range angle to snipe opposing players. Each character has their own sense of style, weaponry, and personality that can draw any shooter aficionado, but they all will need to fit alongside each other in a team composition as well as individually in combat.

Here are all of the rogues available to play in Rogue Company.


Ability – Barricade: Deploy a barricade that blocks damage and movement. Activate again to break the glass and create medium cover.

Passive – Immunity: Gain immunity to disorients and blind effects.


Ability – Gatling Gun: A devastating Gatling Gun that fires faster the longer it is fired. Can be mounted for increased accuracy and fire rate.

Passive – Conflict Connoisseur: Landing shots has a chance to return ammo to your current magazine. If your Gatling Gun is equipped, its duration is extended slightly.


Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Ability – Rage: Overheal yourself for a duration or revive yourself while downed.

Passive – Grit: While downed, gain increased health and the ability to dodge roll.


Ability – Danger Close: Link to an ally for a full round. That ally can be revived by reactivating this ability within 30m.

Passive – Buddy System: Inherit your linked ally’s passive or the duration of the round.


Ability – Target Finder: Reveal the closest enemy for a short duration.

Passive – Recharge: Recharge your ability upon downing an enemy.


Ability – MIRV Launcher: Equip a devastating cluster grenade launcher.

Passive – Burned: Enemies hit by explosives are revealed for a short duration.


Ability – Hack: Equip a device that can detect nearby players and gadgets, jam radar, destroy gadgets, and prevent ability and gadget use. Rewards $250 for each device destroyed with this ability.

Passive – Intuition: Detect nearby enemy equipment, even through walls.


Ability – Camouflage: Activate your suit’s camouflage and become much harder to see, for as long your energy supply lasts. Moving faster and taking damage makes you easier to see.

Passive – Sleigthy: Your genetically engineered senses are dramatically heightened, allowing you to periodically detect enemies around you.


Ability – Halo Drones: Deploy a cluster of halo drones at your location that will fire a barrage of rockets in the direction you are looking.

Passive – Legend’s Contract: Gain 500 extra cash per down.


Ability – Quick and Quiet: Gain increased movement speed and quieter movement for a duration or until firing your weapon.

Passive – Elusive: Activating dodge roll reloads your currently equipped weapon.


Ability – Lightbomb: Plant a device that charges up, and launches a massive flashbang a short distance into the air.

Passive – Standard Issue: Start the game with 25 armor. Downing enemies instantly repairs this armor.


Ability – Nano Smoke: Equip a smoke grenade that reveals enemies within it.

Passive – Grievous Wounds: Damaging an enemy delays their health regeneration.


Ability – Ballistic Knife: Equip an explosive throwing knife that attaches to surfaces and detonates when enemies are nearby.

Passive – Underground: Immune to reveals and enemy radar detection.


Ability – Supply on Demand: Throw a briefcase that grants infinite ammunition and refills gadgets.

Passive – Fully Loaded: Carry two primary weapons.


Ability – Revive Drone: Send a Medical Drone to revive a downed friendly anywhere on the battlefield.

Passive – Medical Expertise: Reviving a teammate heals both of you for a significant amount.


Ability – Overheat: While activated, firearms and melee attacks will set enemies on fire, dealing additional damage over time.

Passive – Fireproof: Immune to fire.


Ability – Arrow Scanner: Fire an arrow that reveals enemies along it’s flight path.

Passive – Ricochet: Projectiles deal 2x damage when bounced.


Ability – Ballistic Shield: Ballistic shield blocks all incoming damage from the front.

Passive – Athletic: Immune to slowing effects and move faster while crouched.


Ability – Chaos Launcher: Equip a launcher that fires a Napalm Warhead. On impact, the warhead deals damage and releases a cluster of napalm in the area.

Passive – Fight and Flight: Gain increased movement speed after using your ability or gadgets.


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Ability – Radar Dart: Equip a radar dart that, when thrown, attaches to surfaces and reveals nearby enemies.

Passive – Mag Gloves: Pick up and reclaim items from range.

The Fixer

Ability – Thermal Vision: While activated, see enemy heat signatures for a duration.

Passive – Shrapnel Rounds: Damaging an enemy with a firearm slows them for a duration.


Ability – Barbed Wire Grenade: Create a field of barbed wire that damages and slows enemies.

Passive – Gadget Up: Carry an additional gadget.


Ability – a-RC-nid: A remote-control drone, with the appearance of a spider, that can be used to seek enemies and detonate near them, causing significant area damage.

Passive – Siphon: Gain max health when you earn a down or assist on an enemy,


Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Ability – Vile Poison: Create a cluster of poison pools that steals maximum health from enemies caught inside.

Passive – Leeching Rounds: A portion of the damage you deal with firearms is returned to you as maximum health.