All important multiplayer items and roles in Elden Ring

If you're planning to play alongside friends make sure you've prepared the right items.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring is the perfect RPG not only to play solo but also to attempt alongside your friends. More than any FromSoftware titles before, Elden Ring offers the most expansive multiplayer integration to date.

Not only can you duel your friends and strangers; you can also call on their assistance to take on dungeons and would-be invaders. If you’re looking to get the most out of playing alongside friends then you’ll need to know which items to collect.

Important Elden Ring multiplayer items & roles

Image via FromSoftware

Multiplayer might not be the focus of Elden Ring but the game provides plenty of ways for players to get in on the action with their friends. The key to enabling these features comes from a variety of different items that can be found or crafted during your time in the Lands Between.

If you’re gearing up to head on in with friends here is a list of all the different items that you may choose to use during your time playing the game.

  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy: Using this item will allow you to see summoning signs which will help you easily bring your friends into your world.
  • Tarnished Furled Finger: This item will create a summoning sign of your own for friends or strangers to activate, summoning you to their world.
  • Finger Severer: With the Finger Severer you’ll be able to leave any multiplayer world you’re a part of or, alternatively, send a summoned ally home from your own.
  • Tarnished’s Wizened Finger: This item doesn’t function like the previous ones, but it’s a common multiplayer tool that is used to write messages for other players to read. You’ll see these all around the map and sometimes they can be extremely helpful.
  • Duelist’s Furled Finger: If you want to test yourself out with some PVP you can use this item to lay down a summoning sign to duel an accepting player.
  • Bloody Finger: With this item, you’ll be able to invade a random player’s world.
  • White Cipher Ring: If you are invaded you can use the White Cipher Ring to request the help of a hunter.
  • Blue Cipher Ring: If you are wearing a Blue Cipher Ring then you’re eligible to be called upon as a hunter to rescue a player whose world is being invaded.
  • Taunter’s Tongue: If you’re wanting to be invaded you can use this item to lure would-be foes into your world.
  • Small Golden Effigy: This item will send a co-op sign to the summoning pool.
  • Small Red Effigy: With this you can send a PVP sign to the summoning pool.

There are just three different roles you’ll encounter in your time playing Elden Ring multiplayer. These are the host, the friendly ally, and the invader. Using the items listed above you can either summon or become any of these roles.