All Game Modes in Forza Horizon 5

Are you speed?

Image via Microsoft

Though Forza Horizon 4 is still one of the best-looking racing games out there, it’s now time for a change of scenery for the fans. Microsoft recently announced that a sequel for the franchise was on the horizon.

Scheduled for a Nov. 9 release, Forza Horizon 5 will be set in Mexico. The developers have turned up the realism by a notch and players will be able to explore a Mayan temple hidden inside a forest while there will also be volcanoes that are accurate recreation of the ones in Mexico. Making your way around the map for the first may feel like a vacation, but it may start getting competitive as you dive deep into the game modes.

As of now, here are the modes that will be available in Forza Horizon 5 at the time of its launch.

  • Horizon Story
    • This is the main story mode of the game where players will be going on a journey through the game narrative and explore the map.
  • Horizon Open
    • Horizon Open is the open-world mode of Forza Horizon 5 where players will be able to interact with others and experience the PvP aspect of the game. Most veterans are likely to jump into Horizon Open when they first download Forza Horizon 5 and the number of players playing the mode should increase as more players finish the storyline.
  • Horizon Arcade
    • There will be lots to do on the open-world map. From mini-games to challenges, Horizon Arcade will be your first stop when it comes to finding fun modes to try out with your friends.
  • Horizon Tour
    • Horizon Tour will likely be the go-to stop for players who’s in Forza Horizon 5 for the sole purpose of racing. This game mode will allow players to jump into races regardless of their location on the map 

Aside from the game modes, Forza Horizon 5 is also looking to introduce a new feature called Forza LINC. This AI assistant will track the players you meet in the game and racing status to allow you to play with them again in the future. In addition to LINC, you’ll also get the create your races through the EventLab.

Forza Horizon 5 may receive more game modes until or after its release since the developers always continue to work toward keeping the game exciting for the players.