All attributes and stats in Elden Ring explained

If you're going to customize your character, make sure you know where your points are going.

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Like most FromSoftware titles, Elden Ring gives players to opportunity to craft their character to suit their playstyle. To do this, you’ll need to invest points into attributes.

Attribute points can be earned by leveling up which can be achieved by taking out enemies to gather runes. Once you’ve got runes you’ll head back to a site of grace and be ready to level up. There are eight different attributes in Elden Ring that offer players bonuses to benefit different playstyles.

Elden Ring attributes and stats, explained

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Vigor is an attribute that will raise a player’s health points and also provide some resistance to fire damage. This attribute is going to be perfect for those who plan on playing the Vagabond or a different health-based class.


For those paying a caster class, increasing your Mind attribute will be key. Like Vigor for Health, Mind will increase your focus points which can be spent to cast spells.


Alongside health and focus, stamina is the third important stat you’ll want to increase depending on your build and you can do so by leveling up your Endurance. With more stamina, you can run further, attack more, and generally be more active. Alongside the stamina increase, Endurance also grants players the ability to hold more heavy equipment.


Strength functions similar to Endurance but instead of allowing players to carry heavier gear they will be able to wield heavier weapons. Increasing strength also yields benefits in the damage you can output with certain weapons and how strong your physical defense is.


Like Strength, Dexterity will increase the effectiveness of some weapons, but it isn’t only good for those wielding melee armaments. Dexterity also reduced the cast time of spells, reduces falling damage, and assists with staying upright while riding your horse.


Casters will want to invest in Intelligence for their character builds. This has multiple positive effects by increasing the damage from some spells and allowing users to take advantage of glintstone sorceries. You’ll also gain some handy magic resistance by upgrading this attribute.


Some different spells will require users to have different attributes and one of those is Faith. If you plan on being a faith-based player then investing heavily in this stat will be extremely important as it will give you access to new spells and increase their strength.


Again, some spells are locked to different attributes and Arcane is another. With Arcane you’ll be able to use powerful spells, but its value doesn’t stop there. Also, you’ll receive an increase in discovery making it easier to find resources and other items.

Elden Ring Spec List
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Base Stats

Base stats are reasonably self-explanatory as they are the most displayed measurement of the strength of your character in the game.

  • HP: Health Points
  • FP: Focus Points
  • Stamina: The amount of energy your character has.
  • Max Equip Load: How much equiptment your character can hold.
  • Poise: How effectively you can avoid collapse at the hands of enemy blows.
  • Discovery: The chance you will receive loot from fallen enemies.

Offensive Power Stats

These stats will show how much damage you are doing from a variety of different offensive abilities, plus any bonus damage from attributes.

  • Physical Attack Damage
  • Magic Attack Damage
  • Fire Attack Damage
  • Lightning Attack Damage
  • Holy Attack Damage
  • Critical Attack Damage
  • Sorcery Scaling
  • Incant Scaling

Defensive Power Stats

These stats will show players how much defense they have against a variety of different attack types. This number will take into account any resistance or immunity provided by attributes.

  • Physical Defense
  • VS Strike Defense
  • VS Slash Defense
  • VS Pierce Defense
  • Magic Defense
  • Fire Defense
  • Lightning Defense
  • Holy Defense

Body Stats

These stats will give players an idea of how their character can deal with damage afflicted including specific poisons, or other ailments.

  • Immunity: This will detail any reduction to poisons or blights.
  • Robustness: Similarly, this stat will show how resistent your character is to hemorhages or frostbite.
  • Focus: The amount of Focus a players has will also increase their resistence to sleep and madness.
  • Vitality: Increasing Vitality alonside raising your health decreases the chance that you’ll be instantly killed with a single shot.