5-hour Energy Enters Esports by Sponsoring Renegades

5-hour Energy makes its entrance into esports by sponsoring the Detroit Renegades multi-game organization.

5-hour Energy announced today that it will be sponsoring the Detroit Renegades esports organization, according to ESPN’s Jacob Wolf. This organization, which was acquired by NBA player Jonas Jerebko a few months ago, has been looking to grow and acquire new sponsors, so this deal clearly made since for both parties. 

As part of this deal, Renegades will incorporate the company’s name into their team names. The Overwatch team will be the first to adopt that name, becoming the Detroit Renegades 5-hour Energy Overwatch team. While the Overwatch team is the first to include the 5-hour Energy brand in their team name, this sponsorship is reportedly for the Renegades organization as a whole. 

It would not be surprising to see 5-hour Energy incorporated into the names of the Renegades’ Call of Duty or Counter-Strike teams in the near future. 

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