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YouTuber finds Rock Family buried underground in Fortnite

The Rock Family is ready to start a new adventure in Fortnite Chapter Three.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite recently released its new resistance-themed season, complete with new vehicles and changes to the map. Like usual, Epic Games has hidden some Easter eggs across the map for longtime fans of the series to find and enjoy.

A Fortnite YouTube creator, EveryDay FN, showed one of these changes in a recent video. The Rock Family who first appeared in season seven has made another appearance, although it’s only partial at this point. The entire group is all buried together in the sand near Condo Canyon. 

There’s no telling what the Rock Family will get up to this time, but it follows extensive lore in the game. If the family follows the same traditions it did in the past, we should expect them to start moving each week as they participate in whatever events they have planned. 

The Rock Family first appeared in season seven when a group of rocks formed into a single rock man on the northern part of the island. As he moved around the island, a stone lady was eventually formed and they found each other some distance away. Unfortunately, while they waved and would’ve likely moved closer, an earthquake caused them to collapse.

No one expected the story to pick back up the following season when they reformed and tried to reach each other again. Finally, after traversing through the lava, they were able to join together and were officially considered a couple.

When the next season came around, players assumed that this was the end of the rock couple’s story. But when the couple disappeared at the beginning of season nine and reappeared on the east part of the island, they had a new child and a garden where they lived. As the couple felt they had resolved their purpose, they began to relax in the home.

The young rock son had to go on his journey and began to travel around the nearby jungle. After playing for some time, he was able to find a stone dog that was hiding and comforted it. The dog lived with the group and the Rock Family had been completed from that point on. 

After finding the dog, the family largely kept to their work, with the son continuing to play in the nearby jungle, the dog a careful distance away. Then, one day, the stone boy fell off a cliff, and the dog was able to pull him back to safety. After reaching a happy ending, the Rock Family disappeared starting in season 10. 

It’s assumed they were living happily until the Imagined Order captured the stone dog, and potentially the others, in Chapter Two, season five. But they were freed last December during The End event when the Imagined Order base was destroyed. That was the last they had been seen before their current unearthing near Condo Canyon. 

It’ll be hard for the Rock Family to top their past adventures, but at least they are free from the IO’s grasp.