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Wu-Tang Clan is coming to Fortnite

The saga continues.

Image via Epic Games

The Wu-Tang Clan, one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time, is coming to Fortnite with in-game Wu Wear items, including outfits, back blings, pickaxes, and other cosmetics. 

Hip-hop fans can purchase the Throwback BG outfit, which comes with the matching WUWEAR Worldwide back bling. The Neck Protector pickaxe is also available for purchase, which reacts to hits. The back bling reacts to music as well, adding a nice detail while running around the map. Players can also enjoy the Ruckus Red alternate style for the Throwback BG outfit and the back bling. 

The second Wu-Tang outfit available is the B.R.I.T.E outfit. This outfit comes with the Wu-Tang Represent back bling, which is also reactive to music. The new Triumphant Tagger pickaxe is the perfect addition to this ensemble, which leaves a trail of paint when players swing it. This outfit and back bling come in an alternate red style, too. 

Wu-Tang fans can also enjoy a new Shimmy Surfer glider with an alternate red style, a Wu wrap for vehicles, and the new Wu-Tang Forever emote. 

Players can purchase the two outfits individually or they can grab the Wu Wear bundle to get both outfits, back bling, Wu-Tang Hands emoticon, and the Wu-Tang Style loading screen. The Neck Protector pickaxe, Triumphant Tagger pickaxe, Shimmy Surfer glider, Wu wrap, Wu-Tang Forever emote, Wu Boom Box spray, and Wu-Tang Clan banner are also available in the Wu Wear Gear bundle but can be purchased individually. 

The Wu-Tang Clan Fortnite items will be available on April 23 at 7pm CT. Fans can also expect a Fortnite x Wu-Tang capsule drop featuring physical versions of the in-game outfits. 

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