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Is Building in Fortnite Gone Forever?

Pickaxes will rust.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite fans were surprised with a drastic change that may have made their muscle memory question their existence; soon after loading into their first match of the season, players realized the building mechanic was missing from the game.

There have been instances when Epic Games added limited-time game modes that disabled building, and it looks the start of Chapter Three, Season Two, may have introduced a ‘No Build’ mode permanently.

Popular Fortnite data miners, like HYPEX, stumbled upon in-game files that suggested players will have an option to choose their building preferences in the future. This means Epic is looking to make the No Build mode a permanent addition to Fortnite long into the battle royale’s future.

The following loading screen will potentially welcome players when they queue up for a match with building disabled. Most loading screen tips were also changed and they now read, “In modes with building enabled/disabled.”

Screengrab via HYPEX

At the time of writing, the No Build mode is still categorized as an LTM in Fortnite. The change is likely to go live with the next patch. Once ‘No Build’ becomes a stable part of Fortnite, it’ll likely take its own place on the game mode menu like Team Rumble.

While some players enjoy taking their time to learn how to build like a pro, there were others who’ve been missing the simplicity of Fortnite. The No Build mode should have the potential to become popular amongst players who consider themselves horrible at building. It could also serve as a decent aim practice session for professional Fortnite players.

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