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Will Fortnite get an FOV slider?

Demands for an increased field-of-view are growing.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s competitive community constantly puts pressure on Epic Games to have its wishes granted. When Epic releases overpowered items or vehicles like the B.R.U.T.E. mech, the community starts a riot to demand huge nerfs or the complete removal of the item. But when it’s a new feature, the massive complaints become recurring demands, at most.

And competitive players are now demanding a field-of-view (FOV) slider in Fortnite. They want to be able to tweak how much of the game world fits into their screen just like they used to before Epic started forcing a 16:9 ratio for competitive modes. Players had to tweak some game files to get such a resolution before Epic patched this, but now they want it back with a built-in system that makes it easy to make that adjustment.

Is Epic adding a FOV slider to Fortnite?

It’s unlikely. The company banned stretched resolutions from Arena and official tournaments in April this year, forcing players to play in native ratios.

Epic said an increased field-of-view gave some players a competitive advantage over others, since not all computers can run Fortnite at high angles of view. The higher your FOV, the better your graphics card has to be, which means players with low-end graphics would be at a disadvantage over those with good ones.

Epic ran the entire Fortnite World Cup with the field-of-view lock. If the company did that for its main tournament, it’s probably not changing its mind anytime soon.

Why do players want a FOV slider?

The issue is more about having an increased field-of-view in Fortnite than having a slider. Players want some way of increasing their vertical and horizontal view while in a match, and the easiest way of doing so would be with Epic adding a new graphic setting to allow players to increase or decrease the angle of their view.

Having an increased field of view would allow players to have better views of vertical build fights, which would improve their performance in matches by reducing the blind spots where their opponents can be and eliminate them from.

But for now, everyone should get used to the game’s standard field-of-view. Even though the campaign for a slider is growing, Epic seems to have no reason to bring it to the game and is ignoring players’ demands, which is a bad sign for those who want it.