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Why is there no building in Fornite Chapter 3, season 2?

Use your wits. Building is not an option.

Image via Epic Games

The Imagined Order (IO) has shut down Fortnite’s iconic building mechanic. With the newest Chapter three, season two: Resistance update, the game has taken a different form. All types of building mechanics were removed from the game for the time being, and players will need to take natural cover and play the game like a traditional battle royale, at least for now.

The in-universe explanation for the removal of building mechanics in the game has to do with the IO, the main antagonist in the game. The organization has blocked building in Fortnite as part of its plans.

If you’re too used to building in Fortnite, however, the feature will likely only be unavailable temporarily. Prominent Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey shared audio files for an upcoming quest line showcasing the lore reason for this abrupt change and indicating it’s not permanent. In the audio log, the new member of Seven, the Imagined, explains the IO has blocked building in the world, and players need to perform a few steps to bring it back to the game. Building mechanics also seem to be disabled in Fortnite’s Arenas mode, at least for the time being.

The absence of building doesn’t necessarily leave players vulnerable, however. Epic Games added an overshield and a series of movement upgrades to offset the removal of the feature. In-universe, the new additions come by the hand of the Seven as a means to help your fight against the IO.

In the game, the Seven have given an overshield to all players, which recharges after not taking damage. Moreover, Epic Games has added a series of new mobility options like sprinting, dashing, shoulder-bashing doors, and even mantling to reach higher places. These won’t quite replace building, but they can provide alternatives during the mechanic’s inevitable absence.

Even though building should be back fairly soon, players who want to dive into the new season should adapt to the game’s new state. The lack of building may also encourage the return of players who aren’t fond of the mechanic. Additionally, not building in the game also tests the player’s adaptability, shooting skills, and match awareness, which are integral to winning a match of Fortnite.

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