Who is The Scientist in Fortnite?

The man behind the mask.

Image via Epic Games

In a star-studded Fortnite event last week featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, many players were left trying to figure out the voice of one character in particular, The Scientist.

The character, who keeps a mask on at all times during the event, had a vaguely familiar voice to many that was ever-so-slightly distorted by the nature of the mask he was wearing.

Following some internet sleuthing, players deduced the voice of The Scientist is none other than actor Joel McHale, who is known most famously for his role as Jeff Winger in the TV show “Community.”

There were no credits to the event that explicitly state McHale was the voice of The Scientist, but a couple of social media posts indicated he was indeed that person voicing the character.

In a post to his Instagram story, McHale responded to someone that shouted out his appearance in Chapter Two’s The End event saying, “The suit fit perfectly!” Because the post was on his story, it was deleted after a day, but one Twitter user caught a screengrab. The “shout out” to McHale came from Laura Mustard, a PR and marketing strategist for Consultant, according to LinkedIn. 

Listed experience on Mustard’s profile includes working with Epic Games, suggesting Mustard has some level of knowledge about McHale’s potential involvement.

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