Where to get an apple and banana in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 8

Time to go to the market.

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Image: Epic Games

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And in Fortnite Chapter Two, season eight, an apple and a banana will help you complete one of the new Madcap challenges.

The challenge requires you to consume both an apple and a banana, in-game of course. And while actually eating the items is as easy as pressing E, finding the items might take a second if you don’t know where to go ahead of time.

These two fruits can be found at the Farmers Market and the Orchard. Getting a banana will require you to run around the market and open any boxes you find. Boxes aren’t guaranteed to give you a banana, but if you run around opening every box of produce that you find, you should get at least one banana eventually.

Image via Epic Games

The market is across the street from the Pizza Pit north of Corny Crops and directly by the Orchard.

Once you have a banana in-hand, you can head over to the Orchard, where you should be able to find apples all around the ground below apple trees.

After you get both items in your inventory, you’ll need to take damage to actually consume them. If you don’t want to test your luck by finding an opponent to fight, you can easily lower your health by finding somewhere to take a small amount of fall damage or sit outside the safe zone for a little while.