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Here are the best Fortnite Horror map codes

These are some of the best Horror maps in Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Creative mode has allowed players to build a variety of impressive maps for different custom modes, such as the Horror mode.

Fortnite Horror maps are created, as the name implies, to scare players. These maps feature spooky settings with the objective to solve puzzles or escape the haunted location. Perfect to play alone or with up to three friends, these modes are some of the most popular custom modes in the game.

Here are some of the best Horror maps available in Fortnite today.



Based on the popular VR title Phasmophobia, Fortophobia will take players into a haunted house with the objective of discovering ghosts lingering in the walls. Team Unite has created a map with 12 unique ghosts, ensuring that the game is different on each playthrough. Players are forced to navigate the house’s walls with the only light coming from their flashlights. While this is a common practice with Horror maps, how it is executed in Fortophobia is perfect due to the different features unique to each ghost. If you are a fan of the Fortnite Horror mode, this map is a must-play.

The Lab Escape


One of the most common styles of Horror map is an escape map. These will task players with solving puzzles to attempt to escape a location or enemy. In The Lab Escape, players are tasked with escaping a seven-level laboratory featuring some extremely fun puzzles. While players are attempting to complete these they must be cautious since the map is also littered with jump scares for players to stumble into. This is a great map for players to attempt solo as the puzzles offer a reasonable challenge and the visuals are well-thought-out.

Paranoia Tantrum


One of the best narrative-based Horror maps in Fortnite, Paranoia Tantrum requires players to solve puzzles to escape while being confronted by jump scares that will catch players who are not focused. With a story to tell and some impressive map crafting, Paranoia Tantrum is the perfect solo Fortnite Horror experience.

Family Frights


Created by YouTuber Mustard Plays, Family Frights is an impressive map built around a mansion. On his channel, the YouTuber has a series showing how to create Fortnite Horror maps including how to do jump scares and make music for the map. This is the creation that spawned from that series. A solo map with challenging puzzles, aesthetically pleasing level design, and plenty of scares to encounter on the way, Family Frights is a must-play for Fortnite Horror fans.

Subway Escape


The premise is simple. Your train has crashed, and you are stranded inside the subway tunnel. Players will need to solve puzzles and locate their route of escape before it is too late. While this map is straightforward, it lends itself to the perfect beginner’s Horror map. While there are scares to be found, for the most part, Subway Escape remains focused on the player navigating the tunnels and structures to locate their way out.

The Apartment


If jump scares are what you are after, The Apartment is the map for you. Set inside and around an apartment, this map is packed to the brim with jump scares. As the player is guided on a narrative path around the map, they will be forced to go through locations triggering more scares the further they get. As jump scares are the core of Fortnite Horror maps, this is one of the most impressive maps to utilize them.

Scarecrow Horror Map Chapter Three


A sequel to one of the most popular maps originally made for Fortnite Horror, Scarecrow Chapter Three is absolutely the best of the series, setting players in a familiar farm location with lots of areas to explore to complete the puzzles. The reason this series has become so popular is due to the impressive scares Armysets has been able to create, as well as the narrative players will follow throughout each chapter. If you have not played the initial two chapters, it is well worth visiting them first, but chapter three is the best experience of the lot.

Horror Map


This map may not be the best narrative experience, but it is worth trying. It includes many of the iconic characters from horror movie franchises such as It, The Exorcist, Insidious, and many more. If you are interested in exploring a map with the occasional scare, this map is a fantastic choice.

The Backrooms

Image via Wolflow in Fortnite


The backrooms is a creepy story that was shared across the internet and has made its way into Fortnite. According to the story, the Backrooms are where people who clip out of reality go. There are endless miles of randomly generated office spaces with some hidden dangers lurking within.

Alien Nightmare

Alien Nightmare text
Image via Afk_venom in Fortnite


Fortnite is no stranger to aliens, with a whole season dedicated to the intergalactic visitors. Now players can engage with a more dangerous alien as part of an escape map. Players will need to work with their friends to escape the ship before they become food for the alien creature onboard.

Dead by Fortlight

Image via Thyrosx in Fortnite


This fan-created collaboration between Fortnite and Dead by Daylight is sure to bring some scares to players. Just like in the horror game, a killer is on the loose and players have to escape without being killed. Join together with two of your most trusted friends as you try to get out of the forest alive.

One Last Sacrifice – Part 1

moon rising over a hill and some brush
Image via Giant in Fortnite


In this map, players are put into the role of a new homeowner who takes over a farm after it was left by the previous occupants. Players will come to learn what happened on that farm and the dark history behind it all. This narrative-driven map keeps the player on the right track with helpful objectives that build suspense.