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Where to find the Thief in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6

Raz is the thief.

Image via Epic Games

There’s a new set of challenges in Fortnite called Spire Quest, and as a part of the line of challenges, the NPC Tarana asks you to “Find the Thief.”

While the objective may seem cryptic, the “thief” is actually Raz, who can be found at Colossal Crops. 

Traveling from where Tarana stays put in Boney Burbs, you’ll want to head east to find Raz. Looking at the current Fortnite map, you’ll see Colossal Crops slightly northeast relative to The Spire, which sits at the center of the map. 

Image via Epic Games

Once you get close to Raz, you should be able to see a small text box on your mini-map that can direct you to him.

Be careful when trying to talk to him, however. There are probably a lot of other players who are also trying to get these quests done. So you might want to have some mats to build walls around yourself for protection while you speak with Raz. 

Just make sure when you talk to him to select the appropriate interaction to continue on with your Spire-related questing.