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Where to find the Monarch Level Up Token at Happy Camper in Fortnite

Time for some camping.

Image via Epic Games

The most recent Fortnite patch introduced the Monarch Quest Pack, requiring players to collect Level Up Tokens. These tokens are scattered all around the map, and finding them may become more challenging if you don’t know your way around the map.

One of these tokens is located in Happy Camper, a landmark close to Tilted Towers and Covert Cavern. It isn’t marked on the map, however, making it difficult for players to find the exact location.

The fastest way to pick up this Level Up Token will be by landing on top of it. Once you make it to Happy Camper, you should notice the blue van, which takes up a lot of space. The Level Up token will be sitting right behind it, next to the cabbages.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Considering Happy Camper is located in the middle of two points of interest, there shouldn’t be that many enemy players around. Happy Camper won’t have enough loot to deck out your loadout for the match, but you should find enough materials to help you survive any nearby threats and make your way to other areas to continue your game. Alternatively, you can also leave the match after picking up the Level Up Token since it’ll automatically count toward the quest as soon as you pick it up.