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Where to find the Light Machine Gun in Fortnite

It's here now.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games introduces new content to Fortnite at the beginning of each season. The developers don’t show their entire hand, however, and periodically introduce the remaining content during the rest of the season.

Every week in Fortnite comes with new challenges and even new weapons, on rare occasions. In that vein, the Light Machine Gun was recently introduced to the game, and it also brought its own challenge. This week five quest requires players to damage structures with an LMG.

Though the quest sounds simple enough, it was impossible to complete recently since the weapon was nowhere to be found. Whatever the issue was, it seems to be fixed now, and players can find the Light Machine Gun as ground loot on the map.

This means the players can stumble upon the Light Machine Gun during their normal looting routines. Loot chests, ground loot, and vending machines will all be possible candidates for finding yourself one of the new LMGs.

Once you have the weapon, you’ll just need to start dealing damage to structures to complete the challenge. Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with XP that will help you max out your battle pass before the season wraps up. When a season ends, all the battle pass rewards from the previous one becomes unlockable, and new battle pass rewards take their place instead.

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