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Where to find the Legendary Airstrike in Fortnite

It's raining rockets.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games is always looking to add new elements to Fortnite that can spice up the gameplay experience. In addition to adding new mechanics or weapon changes, a blast from the past can also be enough to freshen the game.

The Legendary Airstrike was first added to Fortnite during Chapter Two, season three, and it’s once again unvaulted in Chapter Three, season two. The item comes in stacks of two, and each missile deals 50 damage and 400 damage to buildings. A total of 20 missiles will rain down from the sky in eight seconds when you use the item.

Where can you find the Legendary Airstrike in Fortnite?

The Legendary Airstrike can be found in loot chests, supply drops, and it can even appear as ground loot. Since that’s the case, you’ll only need to go on with your regular looting and you should be able to get your hands on one in a couple of matches.

Hitting moving targets with the Legendary Airstrike can be challenging, so most players prefer using them on others’ buildings. Most build fights tend to occur toward the later stages of the game, so saving two Legendary Airstrikes for the late game can help you pull off an unexpected victory. A well-placed Legendary Airstrike can give you an opening to get the jump on your opponent.