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Where to find the Fortnite x Undertale Deathrun

Can you defeat the Underground?

Screengrab via Mustard Plays

Content creator Mustard Plays put tons of hours into his Fortnite x Undertale deathrun that he constructed in Creative—and we have all the information you need to try it for yourself.

The Fortnite creator first shared his Creative map in May 2019 but it recently started trending in the community again.

Undertale is a classic RPG that was released on Sept. 15, 2015. The main character is a boy who’s fallen into the Underground, a magical region beneath the Earth’s surface.

The map recreates the RPG game by allowing players to run through the classic hallways and traps with a Fortnite twist.

Skilled players who complete the map will be lucky enough to see the secret at the end of the level, which includes a nice homage to Undertale.

If fans want to try out the Undertale deathrun, the map code is 0249-6711-6008.

Deathruns became popular in Fortnite due to players like Cizzorz popularizing the custom level builder by creating intense maps and offering cash to the best runners.

The Fortnite Creative community is always sharing new creations through the subreddit, with new maps and modes being published every day.