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Where to find NPC 21 and 22 in Fortnite Chapter 3, season one

Get out there and talk to someone for once.

Image via Epic Games.

With the new chapter and season of Fortnite came a new collection of NPCs for players to meet and interact with. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they can be found around various landmarks in-game and are marked with a speaking icon.

Each character gives a player a small free gift like ammo or building materials. But players also have the option to use their collection of gold bars to purchase things like rare weapons, disguises, healing items, and much more.

With the release of v19.10, two new NPCs have been added to the collection of characters in Haven and Galactico. Here’s where to find them.

NPC 21: Haven

Image via Epic Games

Haven is located in in the very southwest corner of the map, next to an oasis in the desert that is southeast of Greasy Grove, southwest of Rocky Reels, and west of Chonker’s Speedway. She can be found roaming around her small campsite, which has a small Sanctuary-like structure with a chest in it.

She can sell you a Rare Assault rifle, open a Rift for you, or sell you a Klomberry that you can feed to the local Klombus.

NPC 22: Galactico

Image via Epic Games.

Galactico can be found next to the small soccer field that’s located in the recently returned Tilted Towers. The field is on the northern side of Tilted Towers with a chest in the center, but be aware that the area is very much a hot drop spot.

The “island’s greatest soccer star” will sell you a Shield Keg, a legendary Stinger SMG, or he can be hired to bodyguard you.