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Where to find Grapple Gloves in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 3

Get ready to swing across the map with this new tool.

A glove with a grapple attachement on the wrist
Image via Epic Games

It’s hard to understate the impact that Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters had on Fortnite. It attracted a variety of old and new players to Fortnite at the start of Chapter Three. Unfortunately, Epic couldn’t keep those gadgets in the game forever, so they decided to make their own version. The Grapple Gloves have been added to Fortnite and the players are looking for them across the map.

Fortunately, there are 10 guaranteed spots where you can find Grapple Gloves spread across the map. The Grapple Glove spawning stations can be found easily due to their bright pink colors and overhanging hook. Players who want to swing around the map will need to look at the following locations.

  • North of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Inside Rave Cave
  • Southwest of Sleepy Sound, on a big hill
  • East of The Daily Bugle
  • On the farthest right island in Sanctuary
  • South of The Joneses
  • North of the Scientist’s base, along the road
  • Along the river North of the Butter Barn
  • East of Tilted Towers
  • Southwest of Greasy Grove

Each of these spots is guaranteed to spawn at least one Grapple Glove toolbox with the chance of another spawning as well. There will be a hook icon on top of the shed and on the toolboxes inside of them. Because of the icon and bright color, these sheds and toolboxes are easy to spot from afar.

Popular dataminer HYPEX shared a map and more information about the Grapple Glove and where players can find it.

Each glove has 30 charges in standard matches and 10 in competitive, making each choice to swing around more impactful.