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Where to find food trucks in Fortnite

Who wants to play Fork Knife?

Image via Epic Games

The latest mission in Fortnite Chapter Two, Remedy Vs. Toxin, is now available for players to complete. One of the challenges tasks players with visiting different food trucks.

There are three different food trucks located around the Fortnite Chapter Two map and players need to visit each one.

Image via Epic Games | Remix by Amanda Zelauskas

Players will be able to identify the trucks by their red color and “Fork Knife” yellow logo on top of the canopy.

Image via Epic Games

One truck is located to the north of Lazy Lake, alongside the mountain. It’s sitting inside the wooden fence.

Salty Springs is home to the second truck, just to the south of the entrance.

The last food truck is located in the northwest of Pleasant Park in the woods.

Players don’t have to find all three trucks in a single match, but we recommend hopping into a Team Rumble match to avoid any early deaths or trolls.

Once players complete nine out of the 11 Remedy vs. Toxin challenges, they’ll be rewarded with the purple Remedy skin.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Two, season one doesn’t end until February, so players still have time to complete their weekly missions to earn exclusive rewards and cosmetics.