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Where to find all the flaming hoops in Fortnite for season 6 week 5 challenges

Grab a vehicle and get to work.

Image via Epic Games

One of this week’s challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale is a carbon copy of one last season. That’s right folks, it’s time to grab a vehicle and fly into flaming rings all over again.

While the challenge states you need to jump through a hoop with the ATK or Shopping Cart, you can also do it with the latest vehicle added to the game, the Quadcrasher.

There are a handful flaming rings lying around but you will only need to soar through five to pass the challenge. Here is where to find them. Once you complete the quest, the flaming rings will disappear from the map.

Wailing Woods

Just west of Wailing Woods is a hill that has one of the many rings. There is also usually a vehicle here, so it pays to start here if you can.

Southeast of Paradise Palms

Way off in the distance of Paradise Palms where the Dinosaur statue is. You’ll have to jump over it this time around.

North of Paradise Palms

Just above the car sculpture. The ramp can be found on the hill beside it.

East of Paradise Palms

Just beside the farm to the east is another flaming ring. There is no ramp this time, however, so you’ll need to make your own.

Loot Lake

This one can be found beside the house nearest the lake, just north of the cube.

Dusty Divot

Just north of the Dusky Divot sign beside the metallic structure. Be sure to get a good boost up the hill.

Greasy Grove

A ring will spawn at the end of the ramp East of Greasy Grove. Its just not on the picture above as we completed the challenge, so the rings stopped spawning.