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Where to find Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 7, week 7

Get 'em while they're hot.

Image via Epic Games

A new week has rolled into Fortnite with fresh quests and collectibles. Each week is an excellent opportunity for players who prefer leveling their battle passes up without paying to unlock the content. If you stay up to date with all the weekly quests and collectibles, you’ll unlock the maximum tier of your battle pass without any issues.

While most challenges are relatively easy to complete, some may require you to plan ahead, causing you to spend more time than you would on easier quests. When that’s the case, players may decide to skip a quest or two, which you can easily make up for by completing other in-game activities. 

XP Coins have been one of the more fun and effortless ways of increasing your XP gain in Fortnite and they were replaced by Alien Artifacts for the seventh season of Chapter Two. These Alien Artifacts are more or less the same as the old XP Coins and they’re randomly distributed around the map each week. 

You’ll want to pick them up before the next set of Alien Artifacts gets added to the game and you can collect all of them in a relatively short time if you know where they’re located.

Here are the locations of all the Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Chapter Two, season seven, week seven.

The first Ancient Artifact location: Dampy Dish

Screengrab via Epic Games

There are certain parts of the map that players won’t frequently visit. This is mostly due to their location and because of the fact that most action revolves around the center of the map.

You’ll need to travel to Dampy Dish to pick up the first Ancient Artifact, a location toward the southwest of Slurpy Swamp. Land on top of the building with antennas and jump a level below. Enter the building from the door that has a security camera attached to it and look for the bathroom.

The first Ancient Artifact will be waiting inside the first bathroom stall.

The second Ancient Artifact location: Gorgeous Gorge

Screengrab via Epic Games

The second Artifact will take you to the center of the map. Once you get to the center, follow the water canal that flows toward the south. Gorgeous Gorge is located in between the crater in the middle and Lazy Lake.

Once you come close to the landmark, you’ll notice a weird-looking bridge and the Artifact will be floating just below it. You’ll need to destroy the first floor to get closer to the Artifact, but be careful while doing so since you can also fall into the water.

The third Ancient Artifact location: Camp Cod

Screengrab via Epic Games

The third Ancient Artifact on the list is in another far corner of the map like the first one. This time around, you’ll need to head to Camp Cod, a landmark toward the southeast of Misty Meadows.

As you’re landing at the landmark, move toward the northeast corner of it. Get inside the large warehouse-like building. The third Ancient Artifact will be floating above the building. You may need to build a ramp to grab it.

The fourth Ancient Artifact location: Satellite Base

Screengrab via Epic Games

For the fourth Ancient Artifact, you’ll need to travel to another point of interest (POI) that isn’t marked on the map. 

The Satellite Base is located toward the west of Steamy Stacks, toward the north end of the map. Unlike other locations on the list, this one is guarded by henchmen and you’ll need to weapon up before you go searching for the fourth Ancient Artifact.

Once you get inside the Satellite Base, you’ll need to take out the henchmen since they can shoot you down easily while you’re trying to pick up the fourth Ancient Artifact, which you’ll find on the bottom floor.

The fifth Ancient Artifact location: Stealthy Stronghold

Screengrab via Epic Games

The fifth Ancient Artifact is potentially one of the easiest to locate. Land on the walls of Stealthy Stronghold and enter the guard tower that will be to the left if you’re walking into the landmark from its main entrance. 

The fifth Ancient Artifact will be waiting inside the guard tower.

The fastest way to pick up all the Ancient Artifacts will be through collecting them one by one in separate matches. You can leave after picking up each Ancient Artifact or play the rest of the match if you’re looking for practice. 

While gathering them in a single go will be challenging, getting a vehicle can help you do just that. Considering you’ll be playing until the later stages of the game while trying to collect all of them in a single game, it’ll be wise to get a couple of weapons so you don’t get knocked out of the match while you’re trying to snatch one of the Ancient Artifacts.

You won’t necessarily need to collect all the Ancient Artifacts every week to max out your battle pass since the regular weekly challenges will be enough to do that. If you’re looking to unlock all the additional content, however, you’ll need to get your hands on all the resources that will grant you bonus XP. Ancient Artifacts and daily quests are the perfect candidates to do that. Ancient Artifacts don’t stack, but you can always use the supercharge mechanic to complete your daily quests as efficiently as possible.