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Where to find a Thermal Fish in Fortnite Chapter 3 season 2

Give a man a fish and he can track heat signatures for a minute.

Image via Epic Games

With the removal of building in Fortnite Chapter Two, season three’s new Zero Build mode, players are using stealth and cover more abundantly without the crutch of being able to spawn a makeshift tower out of nowhere. Items like the thermal-scoped assault rifle are now becoming more useful when scanning for enemies, as is the Thermal Fish.

Thermal Fish is a Legendary rarity fishing item that when consumed, equips the player with temporary thermal vision for a minute, causing enemy player heat signatures to light up. While it won’t let you see opponents through walls, they will light up if they’re hiding in bushes or if you’re having trouble seeing them on a wide landscape.

Here’s a brief guide on how to find one.

Where to find a Thermal Fish in Fortnite Chapter Two, season three

As a fishing item, a Thermal Fish can be found by fishing at fishing spots. There are fishing spots located all around the map, but they’re at the highest concentration at these pivotal locations:

Screengrab via Epic Games | Edited by Scott Robertson
  • The docks at Sleepy Sounds
  • The lake next to Logjam Lumberyard
  • The lake at Camp Cuddle
  • The large, central lake between Coney Crossroads, The Fortress, and Tilted Towers.

All of these locations, and other fishing spots, should have a barrel of fishing items you can break open to fish with. Additionally, there will typically be coolers that can contain Thermal Fish as well.

These coolers are also located throughout the map, as well as Ice Machines that can contain Thermal Fish, too.

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