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Where to find a Sneaky Snowman in Fortnite Operation Snowdown

Building a snowman has never been easier.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite fans have been running around completing favors for Snowmando, the face of the Operation Snowdown event. The event started with the first snowfall on the Fortnite map and is packed with a bunch of cool cosmetic seasonal rewards.

Each quest comes attached with a skin, a back bling, or a gun wrap that probably won’t be up for grabs for another year. Seasonal cosmetics tend to get re-released after a year during their original release period, however. Old holiday-themed skins are returning to the in-game shop as the Operation Snowdown event progresses.

Though the event started with a handful of quests, each week adds a new one to the list. The latest Operation Snowdown challenge requires players to find and hide in a Sneaky Snowman in three different matches, meaning it’s going to take you a little longer than usual to complete this task.

How to hide inside a Sneaky Snowmando in different matches in Fortnite Operation Snowdown

The Fortnite map is filled with fantastic places to hide and stall out the game, but you’ll need to start looting as soon as you land to find yourself a Sneaky Snowmando. 

Sneaky Snowmandos are similar to the “Creepin’ Cardboard” that players may be familiar with from older seasons. The item usually drops from lootable chests and can occasionally be found on the ground as a normal item.

While there isn’t any information on where they’re more widely available, our runs showcased that they may have a higher drop rate around the snowy parts of the map. Once you find yourself a Sneaky Snowmando, you’ll only need to use it to set it on the ground and jump inside to start hiding.

You’ll need to do this in three different matches, so it may be a decent idea to land wherever you found your first Sneaky Snowmando in each match. If you’d like to surprise an enemy player with your new disguise, don’t forget to crouch since you’ll be distinguishable when you’re on your feet.