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Where to dance at different Holiday Tree locations in Fortnite Operation Snowdown

You'll want to setup your Christmas tree after this quest if you haven't already.

Image via Epic Games

Just as gamers around the world started dusting off their Christmas trees, Epic Games decided to do the same with Fortnite’s seasonal events and introduced Operation Snowdown to the game. The map’s bottom right side is completely covered in snow now, and the developer brought out a new set of challenges, rewarding players with decent amounts of XP.

In addition to the sweet battle pass XP you’ll gain by completing the Operation Snowdown challenges, you’ll also unlock free cosmetics designed exclusively for the event. New holiday-themed skins will also be available inside the in-game shop throughout Operation Snowdown, and past ones will return for a limited time.

One of the Operation Snowdown challenges requires players to dance at five different Holiday Trees, which have been set up with the latest patch around the Fortnite map.

Here’s where you can find all the Holiday Trees in Fortnite.

Where to find and at different Holiday Tree locations in Fortnite Operation Snowdown Chapter Two, season five?

Though you’ll need to dance around five different Holiday Trees, there are more than five scattered around the map, making the challenge easier to complete since you can get it done while playing a regular match.

The first one can be found close to the reboot van in Dirty Docks. It’s located on the roof of the closest factory building to the van. You’ll need to build your way up there or land directly on top of it after jumping off the battle bus.

The second one is located out in the open, at the Orchard, a landmark toward the north of Colossal Coliseum. It’s around where Frenzy Farm was before the latest season kicked off.

You can visit Craggy Cliffs to find the third Holiday Tree. You’ll need to make your way to the reboot van right on top of the first letter “G” in Craggy Cliffs.

The Holiday Tree in Pleasant Park is also one of the easiest ones to find since it’s set up in the middle of the landmark. Considering how close Pleasant Park is to Craggy Cliffs, it’ll be the ideal spot to dance near the fourth Holiday Tree.

Heading south now, you’ll find the fifth Holiday Tree at Salty Towers. The fifth tree will be waiting for you at the west entrance of the town around the letters “A” and “L” in Salty Towers.

Dancing near five Holiday Trees will net you 10,000 XP, and we recommend getting as close as you can get to dance until a notification pops up on the top left side of your screen. The Team Rumble game mode will also be ideal for getting this challenge done in a single game since you can glide from one to another as you get eliminated by other players.