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Where do you plant a data scraper at the tail of an IO airship in Fortnite?

You’ll have to climb to dangerous heights to complete this job.

Fortnite Chapter Three, season two has just begun, bringing a large-scale war to the Fortnite island. As the Imagined Order invades and takes control over large sections of the map, the Seven are forced to keep up the fighting from the outskirts. To make a difference, they’ll need the player to give them a hand placing some spy gear in different places.

First, you should notice the blimp locations dotting the map. Since you can see them clearly on the map before you drop in, mark one and head straight for it at the start of the game. It will likely be a popular position to land, so you may need to pick one further from the Battle Bus’ trajectory.

Once you land on top of the blimp, you should head toward the tail end. When you’re facing the back of the blimp, approach from the right side so the tail is on your left. A panel will appear that you can interact with for a few seconds. That will allow the Resistance to access the blimps without the IO knowing about it.

The IO airships are one of the many tools that the faction has rolled out to try and take control of the island. Around the airships, players can find siege cannons, tanks, and members of the IO ready to unleash their firepower on the Resistance.

Hopefully, the data scraper will help the Seven get the upper hand when it’s time to bring the real fight to the Imagined Order.

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