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When is the Fortnite Collision live event?

The Imagined Order and The Seven are set to collide.

Four characters stand in front of a giant mech with its fist on the ground
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has managed to maintain and grow its player base over the last five years. In that time, there have been a number of live events that progress the story of The Loop. Now, as the war between The Seven and The Imagined Order is reaching its climax, players are gearing up for another live event.

The event will feature the return of the mech albeit under a new name. The Mecha Strike Commander is set to arrive on the island and take on the IO in a matter of days. As the event draws nearer, more and more teasers are being released by Epic Games.

But when is the Collision live event, you asked?

Date and time of the Fortnite Collision live event

The Collision live event will begin at 3pm CT on Saturday, June 4. Epic will open lobbies for the event 30 minutes ahead of time for those who really don’t want to miss out.

To hype up the event, the official Fortnite Twitter has been messaging top content creators with puzzle pieces that the community has had to piece together. What’s been seen so far appears to show a path between a light blue planet, theorized to be The Ice Moon, and The Loop. In the middle, Mecha Strike Commander can be seen, with different parts of the body highlighted to show different features.

The mech’s right arm appears to be some form of a gun, while a piece on the right features a drill. The mech’s left knee looks to house some rockets, which will likely become invaluable during the final fight. All this adds up to a super-powered robot that’s ready for the final fight of this war. There are likely two more images to be released on June 3.

In one of week 11’s Resistance quests, the player saw that the IO is going to use The Collider to create an explosion that consumes The Loop. Mecha Strike Commander and The Seven may be able to pull this fight out of the jaws of defeat, though.