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When does the Fortnite Streamer Bowl III Start?

NFL stars won't know what hit them.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Over the years, the Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl has become an event to look forward to for Fortnite players. Fans get to watch their favorite streamers compete against each other with a prize pool of $1 million to charity on the line.

This year’s event will feature 60 players, making up 20 trios. The player pool will include Twitch streamers, Community Champions, and NFL stars, so finding a specific trio to root for may not be the easiest task.

Like previous years, the event will go live on Twitch Rivals’ official stream, but players can also check out the streams of participating players to see if they’re streaming the event from their point of view.

When will the Fortnite Streamer Bowl III start?

The Fortnite Streamer Bowl III will start on Feb. 9 at 5pm CT. At the time of publication, the participant list isn’t finalized. Epic and Twitch are likely to announce the NFL stars, Twitch Streamers, and Community Champions that will participate in the event on the event’s official website before it goes live.

For more detailed information regarding the event, players can visit Epic’s blog, which lists all the rules and discusses the format.