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When does ‘The End’ event start in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 8?

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Fortnite is getting ready to wrap up its second chapter. Like the first one, players went through a lot in the second chapter and beat quite a few foes who were a threat to the Fortnite universe.

It’s now time to take on the final boss, The Cube Queen, and it’ll all go down in “The End,” an event that will mark the conclusion of Fortnite’s second chapter and the current season.

This one-time-only in-game event is likely to be as epic as previous ones, allowing players to play through different scenarios.

“The End” event will allow players to squad up in large 16-people parties, giving you the chance to enjoy the show with more friends than usual. Considering the Fortnite servers often get overrun with players before live events kick off, getting a spot in a lobby at least 30 minutes before the event can be a wise choice so you don’t get locked out when the show starts.

Players who participate in the event will be rewarded with a loading screen to remember the occasion alongside 225,000 XP since the season will be ending a day early. 

When does “The End” event start in Fortnite Chapter Two, season eight?

The second chapter’s final adventure, “The End,” is scheduled to go live on Saturday, Dec. 4 at 3pm CT. 

While Fortnite players will be marching toward putting an end to The Cube Queen’s plans, the next chapter still remains a mystery for now. Fans will likely find out what will be waiting for them in the next chapter of Fortnite toward the end of the event since Epic enjoys giving players a glimpse of what they’ll be dealing with moving forward.

Players who can’t make it to the event can watch it later on YouTube or Twitch since many content creators will make sure to participate in the event and record it.