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When does Fortnitemares 2019 start?

Skins, glorious skins.

Image via Epic Games

If you’re too old to trick-or-treat or too lazy to carve a jack-o’-lantern, you might be able spend your Halloween playing Fortnitemares instead.

October is drawing to a close and with it comes the spookiest season of the year. There’s been little mention of Fortnite’s Halloween event so far, with much of Epic’s focus on the total annihilation of the map and the beginning of Chapter Two. But Fortnitemares is coming soon, according to data miners

Similar to past Halloween events, Fortnitemares is expected to bring a plethora of new skins to the game, as well as a set of challenges to help level up your battle pass.

The full details of the event have yet to be revealed. Epic isn’t holding back this year, though, so don’t be surprised if yet another bomb is dropped.

What date does Fortnitemates start?

Fortnitemares is set to begin on Oct. 29 with Patch v11.10.

What skins might be coming with Fortnitemares?

  • Skull Trooper Neon 
  • Gangster Monster 
  • Ghoul Trooper 
  • Cuddle Team Dark 
  • The Dark One 
  • Slurp Creature 
  • Wraith 
  • Pale spooky 
  • Modern Witch